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InjuriesandBans doesn’t offer you the typical sports betting information.

We deep-dive into 50+ leagues and competitions, so we know everything about them before presenting them to you.

This is why InjuriesandBans works with 11 sportsbetting news specialists, who create content with one mission in mind; of collecting all the information available about the leagues we cover and evaluate them accordingly.

We are obsessed with bet previews, data and statistics ourselves, and we cooperate with reliable and fast data feeds to provide the most accurate information on every single sports competition.

And most importantly, we are all about promoting, fair and safe gambling, and we will do out outmost to be backing players facing unfair treatment by betting operators. And we will also be against instances of players trying to take advantage of sports betting offerings by legitimate operators.

We want people to enjoy sports betting for the right reason- to have fun!

Responsible Gaming is a driving force to maintain a sustainable business environment. At InjuriesandBans we take Responsible Gaming seriously and want to offer a source of entertainment that people over the legal age limit in their respective jurisdictions can enjoy in a safe, secure and fair environment.

Enjoy InjuriesandBans!

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