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One of the key gambling strategies is the D’ Alembert betting strategy. If you are a roulette player, the phrase ‘’ The more you lose the more you bet’’ may sound familiar as this sentence would apply to strategies like the Martingale system. Similar to this, another negative progression betting strategy is that of D’Alembert.

All such betting systems revolve around the same principle. This is to keep on increasing your stake as long as you are losing with the goal being to eventually win and make up all losses. You’d also have a small profit afterward.

So what exactly is the D’Alembert system and how can it help you in sports betting? Let’s find out.

What is the D’Alembert betting system and how does it work?

Considered a slightly safer option than the Martingale system, the D’Alembert betting system is based on the principle that you continue to bet the same amount as the last one increasing it by one set unit each time you lose.

So let’s say you decide to use it on sports betting. Depending on your available betting budget you’d want to set your base unit to 1-2%. We’ll discuss why later on.

Let’s take a $100 budget as an example. Our hypothetical base unit will be $2 which only a 2% portion of our available total.

To make this work, it’s advised that you select a specific type of bet and stick to it every time you apply this betting system. This will make things easier to follow as you won’t have to keep track of multiple stats all the time.

We recommend choosing an away win, for example, with odds of 2.00 or greater. This ensures that when or if you eventually win you’ll have a profit that’s at least equal to the base unit.

So, applying what we said your bet results would look something like this:

  • Game 1 – $2 bet, lost, $2 down
  • Game 2 – $4 bet, lost, $6 down
  • Game 3 – $6 bet, won, $6 up

This hypothetical scenario uses 2.00 as our given odds on each game’s selection. But what would have happened if we lost on the third game’s bet? We would be down $12. This is how our system would continue:

  • Game 3 – $6 bet, lost, $12 down
  • Game 4 – $8 bet, lost, $20 down
  • Game 5 – $10 bet, win, $10 down

If we had won the fourth game we would have a small profit but if we had lost that too then we’d be on a loss no matter the number of games we would bet on afterward.

Is the D’ Alembert betting strategy any good?

Well, both yes and no. As you saw, it can be profitable even after you’ve lost 2-3 consecutive times but after that, you’d always be on a loss. Many gamblers and bettors are victims of the gambler’s fallacy.

Also known as the Monte Carlo fallacy, this is the false belief that your chances of winning would change (by increasing) every time you lose. The thing is that the probability of getting a win may that be when gambling or betting on sports will not change but remain the same.

However, this depends on whether you are betting on the same 50/50 chance selection every time. Unfortunately, you can’t do that when betting on sports as things aren’t as simple as choosing red or black is when playing roulette.

How to bet on sports using the D’Alembert system?

Even though we wouldn’t recommend using any form of negative progression systems like the D’Alembert system, we still have to acknowledge that such betting strategies can be fairly profitable for some people. So how would you apply them to sports betting?

Getting a perfect 50/50 system to work here is close to impossible so the best option would be to bet on selections that will always result in one of two possible outcomes. Such selections would be any Over/Under bet type in games where there isn’t an outright favorite.

Ending this post we’d like to offer some further advice on how you can make this system more suited to your betting style.

You could adjust your bet to increase by a different base unit. Instead of betting 10$ on the second game (with a base unit of $5), you may want to increase that to $15. This would make your profit bigger but also increase the potential loss.

If you don’t want to lose too much money when on a losing streak you could roll back to the first betting point and start the process again. This reduces the potential profit but if you were to lose again that could save you a large sum of money going down the drain.

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