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Football clubs rich list most valuable forbes

Football clubs values have increased by 30% on average over the last two years, as investors seek to capitalize on football’s global appeal.

For the 2019-20 season, the average revenue for the 20 clubs was $441 million, a 9.6% decrease from the previous year, while average operating income decreased by 70% to $23 million. The misery is far from over, with a further decrease in match-dayas most teams in Europe’s top leagues continue to face stadium attendance challenges.

The world’s 20 most expensive football clubs are worth an average of $2.28 billion each, a 30% rise from the last time we released the ranking two years ago. Despite a revenue reduction due to poor attendance during the epidemic, investors are focused on what they view as untapped income potential in the sport’s enormous worldwide following.

Which Club leads the Rich List race?

For the first time, Barcelona leads Forbes‘ ranking of the world’s 20 most valuable football clubs, dropping Real Madrid to second place. For the previous 16 years, the top rank had been held by two teams: Real Madrid five times and Manchester United eleven times.

Barcelona is valued at $4.76 billion, barely ahead of Real Madrid, which is valued at $4.75 billion.

Man United has been ranked first for 11 of the previous 16 years, and was third in the most recent standings. Manchester United is valued at $4.2 billion, with Bayern Munich slightly ahead of them and Liverpool in fifth place at $4.1 billion.

The Rich List boomers

According to Forbes, the value of Liverpool has increased by 88% in the last two years. This follows Jurgen Klopp’s team winning the UEFA Champions League and subsequently the Premier League in consecutive seasons.

PSG had the highest two-year rise in the top 20, at 129%, with Dortmund coming in second at 112%.

The Premier League accounts for nine of the top twenty teams, with three from Spain, four from Italy, two from Germany, and one each from France and Holland.

The complete list of the top 20 is shown below.

1) Barcelona – $4.76 billion

2) Real Madrid – $4.75 billion

3) Bayern Munich – $4.215 billion

4) Manchester United – $4.2 billion

5) Liverpool – $4.1 billion

6) Manchester City – $4 billion

7) Chelsea – $3.2 billion

8) Arsenal – $2.88 billion

9) Paris Saint-Germain – $2.5 billion

10) Tottenham – $2.3 billion

11) Juventus – $2 billion

12) Borussia Dortmund – $1.9 billion

13) Atletico Madrid – $1 billion

14) Inter Milan – $743 million

15) Everton – $658 million

16) AC Milan – $559 million

17) AS Roma – $548 million

18) West Ham – $508 million

19) Leicester – $455 million

20) Ajax – $413 million

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