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Our Guide for Gambling Complaints

There are several reasons why you might need to contact a gambling company or bookmaker, whether your account has been closed or you are unable to withdraw your winnings.

InjuriesandBans can help you sort things out in a matter of seconds. Check out our bookmakers’ gambling complaints guide!

Your Legal Rights

All gaming firms are required to provide information about their complaint procedures. These specifics will be available at the operator’s website. If you believe that a gambling company has treated you unfairly, you may use the courts route;  the Gambling Act of 2005 permits you to take your case to court!

When you place a bet with a gambling company, you are entering into a legally binding contract with them.

I’m unable to withdraw my winnings!

If you feel it impossible to withdraw money from your account, you can file a complaint.

In the United Kingdom, the Gambling Commission assists you in withdrawing your funds. They argue that bookies should not unfairly keep your money.

If a bookmaker detects suspicious behaviour, it might prevent you from withdrawing your winnings. This includes any errors in your account. They should, however, post their regulations publicly and follow them.

If you believe a bookmaker has treated you unfairly, you have the right to file a complaint!

My account has been suspended

Any account can be suspended or closed by a gaming organization.

It may do so for a variety of reasons, including: —if you have violated the terms and conditions, -if there is a risk of harm to the business, suspicion of money laundering, and so on.

You can contact the firm directly to find out why your account was suspended or closed and retain the proof of your communication.

Gambling firms must always operate in accordance with their terms and conditions. If you believe you have been treated unfairly, you should think about filing a lawsuit against them.

The bookmaker I chose is without a gambling license!

Every gambling business that provides gambling to clients is obliged by law to hold a gambling license issued by the local Gambling Commission. It must be made accessible and displayed on their website.

If you bet with an unlicensed betting company, you have no rights if something goes wrong. Before you bet, it is your responsibility as a customer to company has a Gambling license.

My bet was settled at the incorrect odds!

When you place a bet, you are only entitled to the price that is currently advertised or offered. You are not entitled to any incorrectly stated or displayed odds.

The only exception is if you opt to bet on horse and greyhound racing at the starting price. This refers to the odds set by an independent group after a race has begun.

If you believe that a bookmaker is not paying out at the right odds, or the odds displayed at the time you made your bet, or that the bookmaker is intentionally promoting misleading odds, you should file a complaint against them.

The content of a gambling advertisement was incorrect

Licence holders must abide by the restrictions established by the Local Gambling Authorities as well as the industry code of practice for advertising.

There are rules in place to keep children and vulnerable individuals safe from the dangers of gambling. Local gambling authorities implement advertising regulations, which are intended to guarantee that advertisements for gambling products do not target people under the age of 18 (or, in certain circumstances, under the age of 21).

Moreover, if you believe an advertisement deceived you about the terms and conditions of an offer or promotion, you should file a gambling complaint.

What are my rights in the BOG Best Odds Guaranteed promotions?

Most major bookmakers offer BOG Best Odds Guaranteed promotions. If a client accepts an early price within the BOG period, the selection will be settled at that price unless the starting price (SP) is greater, in which case the bookmaker should settle at the higher starting price.

You should be aware that the amount you may get through settling at best odds is usually capped by the bookmaker.

Bookmakers should include information about the cap in all advertising materials. If you believe you were misled into placing the bet due to unclear information, you should file a gambling complaint against your bookmaker.

Placed a bet but my bet was settled wrongly

In some occasions, authorities will mistakenly credit a result at the time of settlement. Goals, for example, may be attributed to the wrong player as a consequence of misinformation. In these situations, bookmakers would generally delay the settlement of any bets for a few hours (keep in mind, the amount of time may vary based on the terms of each bookmaker).

Within this time frame, an amendment may be published by an official source (often by a sports Federation or the Press Association)– if this is the case, bookmakers would normally resolve any bets based on the revised outcome.

If you are unsure about the outcome of your bet, we recommend that you contact your bookmaker. If you are dissatisfied with their efforts to resolve the issue, file a complaint with the Gambling Commission or your local gambling regulatory organization. IAB has created a handy European Online Gambling Laws and Regulations guide.

I’ve self-excluded but I am still allowed to gamble or receive marketing or promotional material

Every local Gambling Authority mandates gambling companies to manage self-exclusion appropriately. This implies that you should typically expect them to do reasonable checks to ensure that you are eligible to play.

If a Bookmaker detects that you have self-excluded, they will usually void your bets and refund your deposit. If you believe a company has not acted responsibly, you should consider submitting a complaint.

Bookmakers are required to remove your information from their mailing lists if you have taken a self-exclusion action. If they do not, they are in violation of the law, and you should submit a complaint.


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